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Controlling Black Grass


Major Weed Of Cereal Crops which produce a large amount of seed. Major problem to most UK Farmers, particularly on the Eastern side of the country where cereals are intensively grown. Developed a resistance to a range of herbicides. Occurs at a very high densities. Reduces yield of crops if not controlled. Thrives on heavy land, particularly where drainage is poor and soils are wet. Blackgrass is favoured in Water Retentive Soils 80% of seeds germinate in Autumn, peaking in Sept & Oct Seed is shed before harvest thereby replenishing the soil seedbed.

  • During Land Drainage Surveys and discussions with clients, we have discovered a common link between Black Grass & Drainage.
  • Many poorly drained areas, suffer with high volumes of Black Grass.
  • Well drained fields hold no signs of Black Grass.
  • Visually seeing large areas of Black Grass, its easy to spot client drainage issues.
  • We have visited schemes post drainage installation and there has been no sign of returning Black Grass, especially in areas where once previously affected.
  • Discussions with clients indicate no further problems after they have invested with land drainage.
  • Land drainage investment returns improvements in yield. No black grass provides stronger yield results.
  • All reports, assessments, experiments that we have researched on Blackgrass, mention effectively drainage fields control growth.

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