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- Model MSM360 180 90 - Temperature Alarm and Logging System


MSM Enterprise is a temperature alarm system for applications up to 360 points. The system consists of a Central scanner recording logged data and generating alarms from distributed Remote Sensor Units (RSUs) connected via a 4-wire, daisy-chained, bus connection. Each RSU monitors 3 temperatures (or other parameters) and 6 digital inputs. The system is straightforward to install and to expand.

A large clear display makes it easy to understand what is happening. Menu selection using five pushbuttons means that everyone finds the system simple to use. MSM Enterprise is completely self-contained and doesn't rely on a PC for its operation.

When out of limit conditions occur, the system generates both audible and visual alarms, and tells you exactly what is happening: no cryptic fault codes or unrecognisable channel numbers. You define the title and the error messages displayed for alarms at each location. The time, date and details of each alarm are also recorded in a separate event log.

Anyone can mute an alarm, but it can't be ignored. It will re-alarm after a preset time. Users are required to insert a digitally encoded alarm key to accept an alarm. Authorised staff are issued with a personal, coded alarm key; each time a key is used to accept an alarm, the user’s details are recorded in the event log.

The system provides true continuous logging. The central scanner interrogates the sensors at a rate of 9 points per second. It stores the worst-case value measured during each logging interval.

Windows PC software displays, analyses, prints and archives the logged data and the event log. Users with a password and the required level of access permission can make changes to channel settings.

RSU upgrade

An upgraded RSU2 was demonstrated at the BBTS AGM recently.  Previously, if either the bus connection or the power supply to the RSU were interrupted, data logging would cease.  This meant that validated secondary monitoring was required immediately or product was rapidly moved to another location. 

With RSU2, when the MSM system is operating normally, RSU2 operates in exactly the same way as an existing RSU with audible and visual indication of local alarms.  Additionally the LCD displays the current measured values.

If the MSM system bus connection is severed and/or the MSM battery backup is exhausted, RSU2 continues to alarm locally (based on the most recent manually downloaded settings) and to log data for 7 days. The logged data recorded can be uploaded at any time onto a USB memory stick and viewed and printed using the “Network Outage” software provided.

MSM Enterprise to Prolog upgrade

Your existing MSM Enterprise system can be upgraded to Prolog,  The upgrade process is straightforward: we replace the MSM central scanner with a Prolog system and you then have access to the benefits of our latest systems.  Your existing network of RSUs stays exactly as it is; no changes to the wiring or the hardware.  System expansions can then take advantage of the latest wired and wireless loggers.

If RSU2s are installed in critical locations then in addition to all the benefits of Prolog, the data stored within RSU2 will also be seamlessly restored to the database when the bus connection and/or power supply are restored.

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