- Model C36 - Tractor Mounted Units



With the Conver C36 tractor mounted units the CVS and CAS models are combined on one tractor to for an actual mow-rake combination. In standard trim the front unit is mounted in a custom build sub frame and the back unit is mounted in the three-point suspension frame or onto a custom build subframe as well. At the front of the tractor with a double action cutter bar cuts off the vegetation; At the back of the machine a rake picks up the cut material from the embankment and deposits it on the tow path. By working the embankments on both sides of a ditch you can clean the total profile at high speed, allowing optimum water flow without damaging the structure of the slope and profile of the watercourse.

Depending on the tractor model, the PTO can be used for the hydraulics with a hydraulic pump integrated in the unit. If the tractor is suitable, its own hydraulics can be used as well. The hydraulic tank and oil cooler are integrated in the back unit, while the valves are mounted on both arms. The valves are operated electrically and work fully proportionally. As desired with one lever per function or with several functions combined in a joystick.

Both arm sets of the C36 come standard in the length 1.25+1.25 m. The arm can be extended in 0.25 m steps up to a maximum range of 4.50 m. The arm's specific construction makes it extremely stable and wear-resistant with high torsion rigidity in the event of collisions or other instances where force is exerted unintentionally.

The C36 is suitable for working with various types of mowing arms and rakes, varying in working width from 1.50 to 3.20 m. Both the cutterbar and the rake are connected to the arm by a cable cylinder that creates a mechanical floating position that makes the equipment follow the profile of the embankment.

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