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Convert-A-Bull Hay Saver Insert



Save money with the Plymouth Industries hay saver insert.  This patented hay feeder insert will increase the efficiency of your hay feeder system.  It's fits universally over any 8' diameter heavy duty feeder and is great addition to our 3 piece heavy duty bull feeder. It's your hay and your money to save! Kevin Wittler, Feed Manager, Farmers Coop, Plymouth NE location, tested the Convert-a-Bull Hay Saver on a 6 feeder setup.  Results proved a  savings of 9.93 lbs. of hay (compared to conventional feeder).....$2.98 per day! Savings pay for the cost of the feeder in just 132.5 days.

  • Fits universally over 8' diameter heavy duty bale feeder
  • Funnels hay to the center for maximum feed savings
  • Prevents spoilage by keeping the hay off the ground
  • Field tests show up to 25% feed savings

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