- Model BTS-295 - Bulk Seed Tender



All of the Convey-All’s seed tenders feature conveyor load-out which ensures gentle handling and no seed damage; even with delicate, extra dry seed.The conveyor is faster than a brush-type auger and can be used for granular herbicides and fertilizer with no cross-contamination.Both models feature an 8” diameter tube with a 10” wide belt and capacities up to 295 or 410 bushels and operate with an electric start gas engine or hydraulic drive engine.

Swinging Conveyor

  • Save time and money with more reach; no need to move the tender with a 152 degree swing. (Photo: BTS-410)

Wireless Remote Option

  • Remote starting, throttle control, power swing and gate(s) control.

Divided Hopper Option

  • Equal split option allows handling of both seed and fertilizer with one unit.

Other Features

  • 10’ hopper height easily fits under most bulk systems and loading.
  • Easily reached with most front end loaders and forklifts.
  • Ideal for farmers who use tote bags or seed boxes.
  • Onboard scale available.
  • Available with dedicated bumper hitch and gooseneck trailers.
  • Electric start gas engine standard.
  • Sample access ports available

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