- Model CST - Commercial Seed Tender



The Commercial Seed Tender (CST) boasts multiple compartments for fast and efficient conveyor load-out ensuring gentle handling and no seed damage; even with delicate, extra dry seed. Up to five compartments providing the utmost capacity and the ability to service all your seeding equipment and floaters with different products all on the same trip; saving time and money on trucks and drivers.

Wireless Remote Option : Remote starting, throttle control, power swing and gate(s) control.
Year Round use : Farmers are finding they can use their CST’s year round by using it to receive grain from the combine or grain cart the same way as any bulk hauler.
Save time with fast unloading : The industrial size CST-C model unloads two tons per minute.
Optional Positioning Camera : Mounted on the CST-C unloading conveyor, helps operator identify the target. Equipped with microphone and in-cab monitor equipped with speaker.
Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Pack : Gas or diesel engine, large steel hydraulic oil reservoir and large fuel tank. Or mount seed tender directly onto a truck frame and use truck’s hydraulics if equipped. Available on all CST models.

Other Features

  • High quality electric roll tarp features smooth operation.
  • 10’ hopper height on CST models; easily fits under most bulk systems and loading and can be reached with most front-end loaders and forklifts.
  • Ideal for farmers currently using tote bags or seed boxes.
  • Electric start gas engine.
  • Full length catwalk **Catwalk not available on C models
  • Epoxy coated interior

  • Stainless steel conveyor and/or various components
  • LED work lights
  • Diesel engine
  • Self-contained hydraulics

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