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 Nordstrong Equipment Limited is your single source for conveyor pulley assemblies. Nordstrong can provide pulley lagging, shafting, bearings, and take up frames. To complete the pulley package, other conveyor equipment components such as conveyor idler, impact beds, slider beds, and drive packages can also be supplied.


The toughest conveyor applications require the ruggedness offered by a “HDD” Heavy Duty Drum Pulley. Steel rims, hubs and discs are fused into an integral component by a continuous submerged arc welded bond that maximizes pulley strength, balance and concentricity. The use of internal discs plus heavier than standard construction reduces radial deformation of the rim and longitudinal deflection of the rim and shaft. The “HDD” pulley is available in standard face widths from 12? to 66? and standard diameters from 10? to 60?. Intermediate sizes are available upon request. Available with various hub and bushing systems.


The Spiral Drum Pulley is formed by a pair of vertical steel bars helically wound around a “HDD” Heavy Duty Drum Pulley. This unique design reduces buildup between the belt and the pulley while providing continuous belt contact for applications where wing pulleys cannot be used. Rotation of the pulley automatically starts the cleaning action, discharging foreign material to the side of the conveyor. Available in crown or straight face – sizes 12? thru 24? diameter and supplied with various hub and bushing systems.


Mine Duty Drum Pulleys were originally designed for the rugged environment of underground coal mining. Their ultra heavy duty rigid construction has been proven in the toughest conveyor applications. The “good as the shaft” design of Mine Duty Drum Pulleys make them particularly useful for spares or replacement pulleys in critical positions. The Mine Duty Pulleys are available in diameters from 10? to 60? and face widths from 20? to 66?. Available with various hub and bushing systems.


Today’s efficient high tonnage mines demand dependable long life components. Using state-ofthe-art engineering and design techniques we meet these needs by controlling material stress points. Incorporating all of the benefits of our proven experience in heavy mining pulleys, the turbine offers our customers world class performance.

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