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Conwed manufactures the leading lightweight oriented netting in the world. Conwed has developed superior expertise in lightweight oriented netting.  Our long history of research, testing and experimentation in hundreds of industrial and consumer applications has given us an edge when developing customized weight-to-strength netting ratios.

Oriented netting is initially manufactured through a single-step continuous extrusion process that yields a plastic material with integral joints called extruded netting.  Once the extruded netting is produced, a secondary process called orientation takes place.  Through orientation, the extruded netting is reheated and stretched in either the machine direction (MD), cross direction (CD) or both directions, generating a lighter netting configuration with similar strength.  In general, extruded square, flat and co-extrusion netting may be oriented, depending on the final product requirements. For a detailed explanation of our manufacturing process, visit our Plastic Netting 101 section.

Conwed oriented netting provides key functionalities in industries such as agriculture, turf, erosion control, landscape, medical, packaging and more.  Our engineering and R&D teams help customers meet their tensile strength requirements with the least possible amount of plastic material.

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