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Cool Terra biochar-based soil amendment products are engineered to improve soil health, reduce water consumption and help optimize fertilizer use while sequestering substantial amounts of carbon. The highly porous physical structure of Cool Terra also makes it a promising delivery system for microbials and nutritionals designed to enhance plant growth and productivity.

Optimize Water Retention and Improve Fertilizer Efficiency

In targeted applications, Cool Terra® featuring Engineered Biocarbon™ technology can help reduce the use of water in agriculture and in turf and landscape applications by helping practitioners optimize the water-holding capacity of the soil, increase plant available water and limit evaporative water loss. As a result, plants and microbes can get the precious water they need, when they need it.

Engineered Biocarbon™ technology also has shown efficacy in improving fertilizer efficiency by retaining water and nutrients in the root zone longer, which gives plants and microbes more time to consume them. This can help reduce challenges related to leach and runoff. In addition to helping with regulatory concerns, nutrient efficiency allows growers and their advisers to adjust their protocols to potentially improve economics while maintaining yield and quality.

Nurture and Enhance Microbial Population

Cool Terra® nurtures and enhances the microbial population in soil. Some soil microbes help make water, nutrients and minerals in the soil available to plants. Other microbes produce hormones that spur plant growth, and some soil microbes stimulate a plant’s immune system. A diverse soil microbiome results in fewer plant stressors and diseases, resulting in higher yield.

Cool Terra® begins by heating renewably sourced, non-food biomass in low oxygen conditions, creating “raw biochar.” This material is then adjusted using our proprietary upgrading technology.

Cool Planet’s upgrading technology accomplishes the following:

  • Cleans the pores of the material, removing hydrocarbon residues and other undesirable substances
  • Adjusts and balances pH to ensure consistent performance without side effects
  • Enhances the surface chemistry of the material to optimize microbial growth in the pores and on the surfaces as well as enhancing nutrient exchange in the soil
  • Conditions pores to better retain water and nutrients and to host beneficial microbes
  • Removes dust, improves flowability and creates consistent particle sizes for easy, predictable application you can count on


Cool Planet addresses shortfalls of traditional “raw” biochar with robust scientific methods, engineering, a deep understanding of soil science and manufacturing expertise.

  • Consistency. Process control across the entire spectrum of production enables us to maintain standardized conditions that ensure product consistency, which is critical in a commercial agricultural product. This is not just about pyrolysis – it’s about a full process built from the ground up to deliver consistency: from feedstock selection, to pyrolysis, to the critical treatment process that we call Demetra, all of the steps have been designed with consistency in mind.
  • Customizability. Cool Planet has the ability to manufacture Engineered Biocarbon™ technology utilizing a variety of feedstocks, conditions and treatments targeted to deliver success in particular soils, crops and application requirements.

Cool Terra® can be substituted in some applications for materials such as perlite, vermiculite, ceramic beads, chemical polymers and even sand. However, Cool Terra®, in one single environmentally friendly product, can perform many of the functions that require each of these other products.

The efficacy of Cool Planet’s Engineered Biocarbon™ technology has been demonstrated through hundreds of experiments and R&D trials, both internally and with external independent third-party researchers.

Rather than making claims with limited evidence, we are bringing our products to market by following the traditional, proven path used successfully by other successful agricultural products, namely:

  • Deep internal scientific trials to refine and advance technology and understanding of mechanisms
  • University and private research trials to prove efficacy
  • Distribution, key influencer and grower trials/demos to demonstrate value
  • Partnerships developed with Industry Distribution and Technology Partners with wide-ranging capabilities

Improved Water-Holding Capacity

In many environments, Cool Terra® has the ability to optimize water-holding capacity, lessen evaporative water loss and, most importantly, increase plant “available” water – the water that plant roots can actually access – when compared to controls. For growers who desire to be more efficient with water, Cool Terra® can be a highly effective tool to help your soil do more with less.

Fertilizer and Nutrient Efficiency

Cool Planet’s Engineered Biocarbon™ technology has demonstrated an ability to allow for greater fertilizer and nutrient efficiency. Our Demetra treatment process increases the cationic and anionic exchange capacity (CEC and AEC) of raw biochar, enabling soil to more effectively hold externally applied nutrition in the root zone, as well as allowing the plant to uptake nutrition more effectively. Additionally, the material creates a more favorable environment for microbial development, which can further assist with both nutrient cycling and availability in the soil. For growers who desire to be more efficient with nutrition, Cool Terra® can play a major part in a nutrition efficiency plan.

Increased Biological Life

Multiple experiments indicate that Cool Terra® can have a significant impact on the soil microbiome. Bacteria and fungi essential for soil and plant health have been observed to thrive and grow more effectively when Cool Terra® is applied. This comes as no surprise to us: We have engineered the product to have many the properties that microbes find desirable.

Increased Plant Yield

The impact of Engineered Biocarbon™ technology on water, nutrition and biological life in the soil generally can lead to improved root growth and, in many cases, improved marketable yields for growers.

This diagram shows improved root development in Cool Terra® treatment blocks when compared to an untreated soil and a soil treated with “raw” biochar, which is the same material but without receiving our Demetra treatment process. The root biomass weight was 55% greater with Cool Terra® than the comparisons after 21 days of greenhouse growth. The results were observed over multiple replicates at a statistically significant level.

Strawberry Plant Productity

In this chart we see the results of a third-party trial in strawberry production under grower standard conditions and water/nutrition deficient conditions. The yield improvements vary depending on the treatment block, but the conclusion by the independent third-party researcher was that the use of Cool Terra® “always brought improvements to the production pattern they were added to.

Tomato Plant Productivity

This chart shows the results of a third party independent field trial in tomatoes in California, demonstrating an increase in yields with improved fertilizer efficiency using Cool Terra®.

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