Cool Planet Energy Systems, Inc.

- Multi-Functional Soil Amendment for Enhancing Plant


CoolTerra is a multi-functional soil amendment for enhancing plant and soil vitality with applications in horticulture, turf and landscape, viticulture, row crops, fruit and nut trees, and composting.


CoolTerra is highly porous acting like a sponge to retain water and nutrients at a plant’s root zone, increasing water use efficiency and reducing the need for fertilizer. Its pore structure and chemistry provides surfaces where beneficial soil microbes can attach and flourish. Enhancing the microbe population in the soil increases the ability of the plant to uptake nutrients, resulting in larger and healthier plants.

CoolTerra helps reverse climate change by taking CO2 captured by plants from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil underground. For every ton of CoolTerra placed into the soil, 3 tons of atmospheric CO2 is sequestered.

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