- Model 5000 - Fertilizer Spreaders



It loads Maxim: 4.600 L. I weigh Net: 1.710 Kg, Total height: 2.250 mm. Width of Via: 1.800 mm. Width of Work: 12-24 m.

The amount which we want of fertilizer of the field by hectare, will always be constant, not depending on the speed of the tractor.

The fertilizer is transported by the tape located in the bottom of the hopper, until its distribution for the disks ejectors.

  • Door with hydraulic opening.
  • stainless steel discs ejectors.
  • Mesh of galvanized sieve.
  • Painting and anticorrosive primer.
  • Complete electrical installation.
  • Manual parking brake and brake of hydraulic work.
  • Stairs of access to hopper.
  • Reducing box of gears.
  • Fast unloader of hopper.
  • Hopper with straight back wall. It favors the fall of the fertilizer. Made in plate of 4 mm.
  • Enlistment of eye or mouth of fish.
  • Ejectors discs transmission by cardan joint and strap.

  • Awning.
  • Hydraulic plate transmission.

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