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Copper Beryllium Rebuilds



Detector Technology’s Everlast™ product line is the only multiplier that can offer an enhancement in performance to the old style Copper Beryllium multiplier. Because the EverLast™ has been specially designed with a larger channel than the standard CEM it is able to have the extended linearity that is required in Copper Beryllium applications.

Detector Technology offers a rebuild option for this style of multiplier. During a rebuild the used Copper Beryllium unit is sent to Detector Technology. The Copper plates are removed and a new EverLast™ single channel multiplier is installed. DeTech stocks various styles of EverLast™ elements and usually has a very quick turnaround time. In the case that the element is not a stocked item DeTech can custom manufacture an element to fit the mechanical requirements of the assembly. All units are 100% tested and guaranteed like brand new units.

If you'd like to know more about DeTech's Everlast Series 1000 Multipliers, visit our Everlast™ page for product specifications. Get all the details about how the Everlast™ product line can benefit you!

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