Copper Ionization Systems


Greenhouses, Nurseries Packing Houses and Farms have been plagued with algae, bio - slimes, bacteria and scale build up in the irrigation system and wash tanks. Algae, mold and fungi are common problems on plants, trees, plant racks, walls, floors and drip irrigation lines. The Superior Aqua Ionization System automatically injects and circulates copper ions into the irrigation systems and wash tanks The copper ions have a positive charge. Due to this charge, the copper ions have a natural attraction to algae, bio-slimes, molds, bacteria and fungi.

Once attached, the copper ions attack these elements. Copper ions increase the waters ability to dissolve scale and bio-slimes. The ionized water circulates through the irrigation system and packing lines and scale and bio-slime are removed. This action virtually eliminates cleaning and frequently replacing spray nozzles and keeps wash water sanitized. The SUPERIOR AQUA SYSTEM is environmentally safe, user friendly, cost effective, listed and certified by UL Laboratories, NSF International, and is EPA registered.

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