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DeMuth has been manufacturing hemispheric dome roofs since 1946. Traditionally, these roofs were used on tower silos. The unique shape of this roof caught the interest of many architects and in 1979 we started manufacturing a premium hemispherical dome roof for a variety of applications such as churches, day care centers, commuter transit stations, recreational theme parks, and private homes, among others. The unique feature of DeMuth’s hemispheric domes is that it is structurally self-supporting. Eliminating the need for a superstructure, installation of the DeMuth dome is quick and easy.

Over the years, architects have used DeMuth domes made from a variety of materials and colors. The one metal asked for frequently that could not be used was copper. To maintain the structural integrity of the self-supporting dome meant that only very hard, high tensile materials could be used. Copper, being a soft metal, meant that it was not the best choice as a material for the hemispheric dome even though it offered a very attractive patina as it aged and would outlast many other types of materials.

Leading architectural firms in North America, by their strong interest, moved copper dome roofs higher on our agenda. DeMuth sourced suppliers around the world and found a copper strong enough to be used in our self-supporting hemispherical dome roof. We are now able to offer the architectural industry a dome roof in 20 ounce, ¾ hard copper material.

If your clients are looking for a unique roof in shape and material, offer them a DeMuth copper hemispherical dome roof!

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