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Characteristics: Corn headers made by Ziegler combine functionality, light weight and stability. Due to its easy operation, an excellent and trouble-free performance of the machine during the harvesting can be guaranteed, even under difficult harvesting circumstances.

  • With a maximum width of 3.3 metres, the 8-row foldable version is eminently suitable for road transport.
  • Horizontal rotary-type stalk chopper: with a free-wheel gearbox independent of the main drive system. Each unit is equipped with an autonomous oil circuit.
  • The chopped stalk is extra fine to prevent pest infestation.
  • Counter knives ensure for flawless operation even in the event of thick growth; the combination of extra-long conveyor chains with an automatic tensioning unit ensures a long service life.
  • Available as a fixed and a foldable version for a range of combine harvesters and rotary-type stalk choppers.
  • The gearbox is fitted with ventilation and a friction clutch as standard.
  • All lubrication nipples are easily accessible and partially self-cleaning.
  • A newly-conceived blade spiked roller bearing head with precisely-adjustable knives.
  • The header unit is highly-accessible for maintenance work.
  • Optionally available equipment and accessories: header trailer, caddy, sunflower kit and lateral screw conveyors for silage maize.

The chopper units are the corn header’s pride, which are equipped with a free-wheel gearbox and a separate oil circuit. This simplifies the maintanence and reduces the set-up time. Engeneering and manufacturing arrangements guarantee a longer sharpness of the blades. The chopper units are placed in a flatter way, which ensures the chopper’s cleanliness. During a machine stop the material is safeguarded by its freewheel and the self-sufficient oil circuit ensures the corn header’s proceeding service in case of any disturbances or a damaged unit.

The in comparison to the other manufacturers extra long spiked rollers guarantee a smooth picking of the cobs from the stalks. Two extra large bearings inside the auger heads ensure a smooth flow and a long durability. The extremely long construction method allows a flat harvesting angle, which harvests corn efficiently and gently.

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