Corn Cleaners


Sieve cleaners are the ideal solution for preliminary, thorough cleaning and calibration of all kinds of seeds, grains and various types of loose goods. It is characterized by a very high precision cleaning, reliability and comfort of service. The high efficiency of sieves system is guaranteed matched the frequency of the shaking and completed a highly efficient, regulated system of initial suction and final suction. Whereas quick and easy replacement of sieves allows you to achieve greater productivity in a given time interval. A wide range longitudinal and circular sieves allows for a precise fit of kit to individual needs. Solid, robust construction of corn cleaner guarantees long-term, trouble-free operation. The different types of a given series vary in surface of sieves and cleaning productivity for specific species of cereals and seeds.

Corn cleaners of preliminary cleaning of seeds

Productivity of corn cleaner of pre-cleaning is in the range from 0.25 to 360 t / h.

Corn cleaners of thorough cleaning of seeds

Productivity of corn cleaner of thorough cleaning is in the range from 0,25 to 40 t/h.

Modular cleaner can be adapted to any space and productivity according to customer needs. On offer we have more than 60 different types of modular cleaner.

Modular system is a solution to the future enabling easy expansion or a change in the specification according to individual requirements. Modular cleaner includes initial cleaning and thorough cleaning.

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