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The thinner walls (as thin as 4 mil) of Corning Celcor® thin-wall substrates provide greater geometric surface area to help improve conversion efficiency.As engineers strive to meet tightening emission regulations, they are increasingly turning to catalytic converter substrates with thinner walls and greater geometric surface area to help improve conversion efficiency.Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates, with walls as thin as 4 mils, offer a variety of benefits to help meet emission system requirements, providing greater flexibility for the design of both underbody and close-coupled converters.

Enhanced Emissions Performance
When selecting a catalytic converter substrate, a high ratio of geometric surface area to volume helps maximize conversion efficiency within space constraints. With approximately 25 percent higher geometric surface area than standard-wall substrates. Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates can help achieve a significant reduction in vehicle emissions.
Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates also promote rapid light-off with their low material density, low heat capacity, and high heat retention ability. Reducing catalytic converter light-off time contributes to reducing overall emissions.

Expanded Design Options
Compared to standard-wall substrates, the 4-mil walls of Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates offer additional flexibility to create converters with either more total surface area in the same volume, or converters having the same surface area with reduced pressure drop

Thermal and Mechanical Durability
Exhaust gases can reach extreme temperatures and are highly variable, producing thermal stresses within the converter. The ceramic composition used in Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates is highly resistant to thermal shock resulting from sudden and severe temperature changes. In addition, these advanced substrates can operate effectively at temperatures of 1200° C and can withstand spikes of up to 1400° C.

The Choice is Yours
Corning Celcor thin-wall substrates are available in a choice of configurations.

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