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Here at Cornish tractors, we are constantly aiming to provide our customers with the best in agricultural machinery. Whether you are buying from used or new, it is essential that the equipment you have chosen is the result of ongoing engineering and testing, perfectly suited to handle whatever job or environment you need it to.Our full range of Conor Tractor Toppers are a perfect example of this. They are not only the result of constant refinement and upgrades, but underneath each model is the thorough build quality and testing that you can expect from a leading manufacturer.

Strength and simplicity is an integral part of any piece of machinery, it provides durability through years of use and ensures reliability within the harshest environments. Here at Cornish Tractors, we can help advise you on the best suited tractor topper for your needs. Our unrivalled experience in the agricultural trade allows us to pass on the vital 'hands-on' knowledge of each any every product we supply.

Mounted Toppers

For mounted toppers, Conor offers their 6000 Semi Offset Topper. This multi-purpose topper can be powered by relatively low HP (40 HP or upwards) and features a direct drive mechanism.

Side Mounted Toppers

The Conor 8000 Side Mounted Topper runs completely offset when in full topping position whilst the direct drive mechanism and heavy duty rotors provide a reliable and clean, positive cut in all conditions.

Trailed Toppers

The multi-purpose Conor 9000 Trailed Topper is designed to be reliable and strong for all round use. Consistent performance is guaranteed with a wealth of features and options.

In-Line Toppers

Our range of In-Line toppers from Conor feature the Conor 900 Pasture Topper with a 3pt rear linkage. The 9000 is able to withstand excessive pressure in all weather conditions.

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