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The CoronaD air inlet from DACS meets the challenges of modern poultry production by ensuring a perfect in-house climate - no matter time of year. The mixing between incoming air and room air is automatically changed to maintain the optimum temperature and speed on the air entering the house. This constant flow of oxygen-rich temperate air allows the birds to utilize their full growth potential. Also it keeps the litter dry and removes gaseous waste products.

The mixing of room air with incoming air reduces the need for additional heat supply by as much as 50% compared to traditional ventilation systems.

When the need for cooling arises, the CoronaD forces cool air downwards through the center venturi. The cooling effect of this vertical air distribution provides the most efficient air-cooling available in the poultry industry!!


In order to maintain desired settings on temperature and humidity it is essential that air from outside is brought to the building in precise quantities. Via the mixing of warm room air and cooler incoming air the CoronaD air inlet ensure just that. The mixing eliminates cold air fall out, draught and wet litter - and reduces your expenses for heating by as much as 50 %.

Climate optimization and energy savings
During the growth period - and depending on the outside climatic conditions - the mixing of air is automatically changed always adding the exact amount of air that is needed to maintain the optimum climate in the building. To this the constant circulation of heated air among the animals keeps the litter dry and removes CO2 and other gaseous waste products. The breeze of tempered oxygen rich air effectively removes pollutants, keeps the litter dry and allow the birds to exploit their full genetic potential.

Reduction of heating costs
The CoronaD utilize the warm air already in the roof space simply by sucking it in down, mix it with incoming air and distribute this temperate air evenly in the room. A simple solution ensuring optimum climate conditions in the house and bringing as much as 50% savings on heating when compared to traditional ventilation systems - year in, year out.


At low ventilation rates (when it is very cold outside and/or when the birds are small), the CoronaD preheats the air by mixing a minor quantity of cold incoming air with warm room air, before distributing this preheated air evenly throughout the building.


When a higher air exchange is needed, the CoronaD works with partially opened dampers and mixes a larger quantity of incoming, cool air with a smaller percentage of room air. The desired room temperature adjusts quickly and efficiently, ensuring even and appropriate temperatures, high air quality.


At full flow the dampers are in vertical position for maximum airflow. The mixing action is suppressed by the main flow. At this stage, the CoronaD forces the cool air outwards and downwards. Fully opened dampers are used during hot weather with full grown birds.

Higher cooling effect
Studies have shown that the vertical air distribution pattern leads to significantly higher cooling effect than tunnel ventilation systems with equivalent air capacity, thereby reducing the heat load under hot weather conditions.

  • Motor 3 x 400 V: 1.1 A 0.3 kW
  • Volume flow: 12,000 m3/h @ 0 Pa
  • Fan blade pitch: 46o
  • Chimney diameter: 760 / 740 mm
  • Damper: Turning
  • Materials: ABS and stainless steel
  • Fasteners/brackets: Stainless steel AISI 304/A2

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