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Optimum climate is essential in order to achieve good production results as a poultry farmer. Effective temperature and humidity control requires that air from outside is brought to the poultry house in precise quantities. The CoronaD air inlet from DACS meets the challenges of modern poultry production facilities. The inlet mixes the incoming air and the warm room air in a way that gives a very comforting, well tempered air and ensures a nice, dry litter throughout the poultry house.

Gone is cold air fallout, draught, wet litter and the following ammonia vapor.

Optimizing the in-house climate
During the growth period - and depending on the weather outside - the mixing percentage of incoming air/warm room air is automatically changed to maintain the optimum temperature on the air entering the poultry house. The constant mixing and circulation of air keep on sending fresh oxygen-rich air down to the birds, keeps the litter dry and at the same time removes gaseous waste products. The production of ammonia from the litter is minimized when it is kept dry, and the movement of air removes CO2.

50 % saved on your heat bill

As the CoronaD effectively mixes and circulates the hot air in the poultry house with precisely measured amounts of fresh air from outside, it is possible to reduce heat supply by as much as 50 % compared to traditional ventilation systems - and at the same time ensure absolute optimum climate in the poultry house.

The unit utilizes the warm air already in the roof space simply by sucking it in down, mix it with air from outside and distribute this temperate air in the room and among the animals. A simple solution ensuring optimum climate conditions in the house and bringing big savings on heating - year in, year out.

When the need for cooling arises, the CoronaD forces cool air downwards through the center venturi. The cooling effect of this vertical air distribution provides the most efficient air cooling available in the poultry industry.

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