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Optimum production results in a pig and poultry house are closely related to the climatic conditions in the house. A stable climate in the house boosts productivity and profits - whereas an instable climate creates stress and damaging behavior amongst the pigs and has serious negative impact on growth and productivity figures. The CoronaS air inlet from DACS ensures a healthy climate in the house by mixing and heating incoming air with the warm in-house air distributing it evenly and without draught in the entire house.

Evenly distributed heat

Depending on the age of the animals and the outside weather the CoronaS constantly brings a precisely measured amount of pre-heated air down to the pigs. The constant air supply removes gaseous waste products as CO2 and ammonia ensuring that the animals’ living space is kept dry and comfortable.

During the growth period and depending on the weather outside the mixing percentage of incoming air/warm room air automatically changes to maintain the optimum temperature on the ventilated air and create a comfortable environment among the animals. The mixed air is spread evenly in the house, and as the air stream is controlled it causes no draught.

50 % cuts on your heat bill

The exact mixing and pre-heating of the ventilated air coming from the CoronaS makes it possible to reduce heat consumption by as much as 50 % compared to traditional ventilation systems in houses where additional heating is needed. Depending on both the age of the animals and the time of year/weather the outside air and the warm in-house air is mixed proportionally ensuring that the air which is distributed in the pig house is always well acclimatized and at set point temperature.

Recirculation of the warm air makes the CoronaS a very energy efficient system. When compared to pig and poultry houses, where additional heat is added, the mixing function in the CoronaS can reduce heat consumption by as much as 50 % compared to the conventional ventilation systems on the market. The CoronaS is a simple and reliable solution keeping optimum climate and welfare in your pig and poultry house all year.

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