- Model 2.66 - Farm Grain Bins


Conrad-American/Eaton on farm grain bins are manufactured in both wide (4.00') and narrow (2.66') corrugation with a 35 degree roof standard and optional 30 degree roof in select diameters. With the additional roof panels in the 35 degree roof comes additional strength. Side wall sheets for the grain bins are made of high tensile steel with the 4.00' corrugation side wall sheets at 44' of coverage and 2.66' corrugation sheets at 32' coverage. Conrad-American/Eaton offers standard, heavy and recirculating farm bins in both narrow and wide corrugation. For additional strength on 36' diameter through 60' diameter farm bins in the wide corrugation (4.00'), a 1-ring outside stiffener (2-per sheet) is standard beginning at 33'2' eave heights. On the narrow corrugation (2.66') farm bins a 1- ring stiffener is standard beginning at 37' 4' eave heights. A 2-ring stiffener (2-per sheet) is standard on wide corrugation (4.00') farm bins at 40'6' eave heights.

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