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Corrugated Steel Tanks



Stallkamp Corrugated Steel Tanks with various opportunities for industry and agriculture since 2003. Our tanks are applicable as stainless steel manure tanks and as tanks for biogas or sewage plants.

  • Extreme stiff tank walls caused by the corrugation and special rigid edge termination-profile
  • Fast and easy assembling of the stainless steel sections
  • Long life-span because of the massive stainless-steel material
  • No annual maintenance obligation according to DIN 11622
  • Stallkamp roof-systems and additional components offer a lot of possibilities
  • Installation by our teams

The corrugated tank is installed on a simple concrete plate with corrugated steel plates that are rolled on the tank radius. The steel plates overlap at the horizontal splicing and are screwed together with stainless steel screws.

At the vertical splicing the steel plates overlap and are screwed together two- or three-rowed. The tank is closed up ring stiffened with an extra strong profile. The sealing of the steel plates with each other and towards the concrete plate is carried out with a liquid manure- and wastewater resistant special sealing compound. The connection between the tank wall to the concrete plate is carried out by an angle iron out of stainless steel, which is mounted with stainless steel dowels and stainless steel screws.

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