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Model Cosmix P - Individual feeder



“The integrated protection gate of the Cosmix P ensures unrivalled peace in the herd; there is no more fighting around the station for the very last concentrate pellet.'

The concentrate feeder can be used to balance the rations for low and high producing cows or to provide extra minerals to cows who are in need of them. The Lely Cosmix P has an integrated protection gate, which eliminates competition of cows around the feeder. Individual feeding of cows is an acceptable method of controlling the cows' health. By supplying concentrates in this way, you optimise overall cow health, milk yields, fertility as well as efficiency in milking / feeding your cows. The Lely Cosmix feeder is fully compatible with the Lely Astronaut milking robot and it is connected to the Lely T4C management programme.

This feeder supplies concentrates on a regular basis in addition to the concentrates that are provided by the milking robot; thus, a stable rumen pH value is ensured. In addition, you can adjust feeding to milking times to stimulate cows to visit the milking robot more often.

An integrated, cleverly designed protection gate

The integrated protection gate of the Cosmix P reduces the competition among cows in the vicinity of the feeder. By means of an intelligent control system, lowering of the gate is stopped as soon as it signals the presence of a cow underneath the gate.

In addition, the protection gate reduces the number of cow movements as well as avoiding stress, aggression and perhaps even injuries to cows.

Height:             210 cm
Length:             303 cm
Width:              106 cm
Weight:            268 kg

Capacity of feed funnel:  25 L
Ration size of concentrates: 48 cm3
Ration size of minerals: 8 cm3

Identification: Qwes H, Qwes HR, Qwes ID, Qwes leg, Qwes act
Number of feed types: 1-4

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