Cotton Picking Machine


Double Rows Combined Shifting System Tractor Pulled Cotton Harvesting Machine. Attention Befor the Harvest: Use of drying drugs as a preparation before the cotton harvest must be quite late. The drug must be used in plenty. The cotton leaves must be dry and defoliated completely, apply to farming engineers for it, it must be done to run your machine efficiently.

Model: Batuhan2012
Number of Rows: 2
Range of Rows: 60-65-70-75-80 cm.
Harvesting System: Chain System
Height Dedection: Wheeled Small Diameter
Harvesting Speed: 6.3 - 7.8 km/h.
Tractor Suitability: 75 hp. 540 d/d.
Cleaning (Shifting): 50 cm. Ø double ball saw system
Cotton Loading System: Double Ventilator Ø 80 cm.
Hydraulic System: 250 bars
Oil Capacity: 80 lt.
Type of Hydraulic System: Closed System
Pump Type: Tandem
Tire Size: 12.5/80 - 15.3
Wheel Pressure: 50 psi
Color: RAL 3020 Red - RAL 1033 Yellow
Length: 5.50 cm.
Width: 4.60 cm.
Height: 2.50 cm.
Under Belly Height: 35 cm.
Weight: 3900 Kg.

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