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Tufts of grass can be effectively crushed when reallocating old meadows and seed fields. The CMN couch grass killer first cuts through the field with the stubble cultivator’s strong blades fitted with 48 cm wide wing shares. The earth has now been loosened up for a slow-moving pickup that rotates against the direction of motion. By churning up the soil, the pickup gathers organic material such as roots of couch grass, thistle, mugwort etc.. Couch grass is a greedy plant that competes with crops for light, water and nutrients and it is capable of reducing the crop yield by 30-50%. The table below shows the reduction of spring barley yield due to couch grass. Source: Landscentret planteavl.

The low speed of the pickup and the high volume weight of the soil in combination ensure that soil and stones pass under the pickup whereas the organic material will be dragged over the pickup and in this way left on the soil for drying or collection.

In mechanical quick grass control the roots must be cleared to make the basis for drying up or freezing of the cleared roots.

For mechanical control of couch grass it is important to clear the roots so that they may be dried out or frozen. Destruction of root weeds at high soil temperature produces the risk of nitrogen leaching as there will be no plants to absorb the amounts released. It can therefore be beneficial to take steps to control couch grass late in autumn or early in the spring before establishing new crops.

CMN couch grass killer with seed sower
If you would like additional safeguards against weeds it is possible to have your couch grass killer fitted with sowing equipment so that the same machine can be used for controlling root weeds and establishing new crops.

Regardless of whether or not you would like to plough the soil, the advantages are:

  1. Next year’s root weed problems are located 5 - 7 cm down in the upper soil. When you do your sowing, couch grass that has not been ploughed under will be exposed.

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