- Model Countryman - Utility Box Trailer



Another highly versatile galvanised, utility box trailer with strength, space and a very useful detachable cage. The Countryman affords the same flexibility of the Workhorse with the added benefit of an additional set of higher caged sides. Whether it be pieces of furniture, garden refuse or other large or awkwardly shaped items that need transporting, this galvanised utility cage trailer will easily meet your requirements.

The cage comes with a hinged rear door affording easy access to the interior. Like the Workhorse, this cage trailer also has both front and rear galvanised doors that provide ease of access or the lower door can be left open to allow for the transportation of over-hanging loads.

The tipping model (6x4 and 7x4 only) is equipped with an easy quick release tilt mechanism, which allows the trailer base to pivot backwards to assist the unloading process. A heavy duty galvanised ‘A’ frame with safety chain ensures that this high quality utility caged trailer can be towed with complete confidence.

With a range of sizes including 6ftx4ft, 7ftx4ft, 7ftx5ft and 8ftx5ft, this fantastic galvanised utility caged box trailer is available in a size to meet most domestic and commercial needs.

With a solid galvanised steel frame and galvanised chassis, no task is too big for this robust piece of equipment. The overall galvanised finish ensures that it can easily withstand the elements and can be stored outside without fear of rusting.

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