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- Draper Pick Up Front


The Countrywide Draper Pick up Front is designed and built in Australia specifically for our crop conditions. Having many years of in-field windrow harvesting experience with canola, lupins and cereals, every possible feature relating to components, configuration and performance have been used to develop this model.

The two belt four driven roller system delivers maximum driving effort to the pick up belts giving them the ability to tease windrow lumps apart without stalling out; while a longer flatter ramp angle will minimize windrow disturbance when travelling at faster harvesting speeds.

A strong durable framework throughout, greaseable bearings and taper-lock sprockets for the draper rollers, anti-flutter control and adjustable-height stubble damage protection for the castor gauge wheels, user friendly wind and cover guards together with many more special features including a strong table auger with retractable fingers and a flighting layout especially designed for windrow handling, gives the Countrywide 2000 series Draper Pick Up front exceptional reliability, strength, serviceability and even more importantly a very capable crop handling ability in heavy and or difficult windrows.

Fitting and configuring the front to most makes of combine harvesters is simple with a removable and exchange change-over back panel adaptor, a re-locatable PTO drive lay shaft, bolt-on flight extensions and demountable retractable fingers.

The Countrywide 2000 series Draper Pick up Front (Header, in American terms) with its many performance enhancing features, is acclaimed by the majority of owners (and many observers) as “The only one to buy”

  • Designed and Built for Australian Conditions
  • Easily Modified to suit multiple crops
  • Strong durable framework
  • Simple configuable with most combine harvesters

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