Cow Brush



Purchasing this automatic cow brush will increase the wellbeing of your cows and thereby productivity. All vets agree that a modern dairybarn should have a good cow brush. The Au-2-Matic Cowbrush ensures that cows are cleaned over their whole bodies. The brush cleans not only their backs, but also their chest and flanks, up to the tarsal joints. As a result, parasites are no longer able to nestle and cows suffer less from itching and skin rashes. In addition to cleaning, the cow brush massages the skin which leads to better blood flow and therefore more active metabolism. Obviously, this results in a higher milk production and an increase of cows in heat.

The cow brush can be placed indoors or outdoors and is easy to assemble on a wall or trusses. The Au-2-Matic Cowbrush has a long lifespan, maintenance-free transmission and can be run on 220 Volt and 0.27 KW. So high voltage current is not necessary

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