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Cow Locator



Correct cow positioning is of critical importance to the achievement of optimal cluster alignment. This in turn facilitates the good, clean milking out of all four quarters in order to maximise milk yield and maintain optimum udder health. Correct cow positioning is also important for optimum presentation of the cow’s teats for effective teat spraying. The Ambic Locator™ is a cow positioning device which is specifically designed for rotary milking parlours and is suitable both for installation on new rotaries and for retro-fitting to existing rotary systems. The Locator™ system is available with a range of different mounting options to suit a variety of different rotary milking platform types. It is available with a unique mounting plate which includes an adjustment facility for accurate positioning on the platform.

  • Encourages the cow to spread her legs and stand correctly for optimum cluster alignment and cleaner milk out.
  • Suitable for retro-fitting to existing rotary parlours or for integration into new rotary installation designs

  • Aerodynamic shape helps keep the Locator™ free from slurry

  • Option of either direct mounting on rotary platform or use of adjustable mounting plate to provide for a range of easy mounting options suitable for most rotary platform designs

  • Adjustment feature of mounting plate allows for precise positioning on the platform

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