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Monitors, the heart of the HeatWatch®II system are small, transferable battery-powered digital radio frequency units containing a pressure sensor for detecting mounting activity and transmitting this data to the base station. The base station will send a return message to the monitor acknowledging its receipt of the data. If the monitor does not receive this acknowledgment message, it stores that mounting data and re-sends it on a periodic basis until the base station receives it.

A monitor can transmit a mounting activity signal well over over a quarter mile in a line-of-sight to the base station. Periodically, a supervisory signal is sent from the monitor as confirmation that the monitor is working properly. Should a monitor be in an active mode and not send a supervisory signal, as in the case of a dead battery, you will be alerted by the software. Each monitor has its own unique numerical identification code. No two monitors have the same ID. Monitor cases are constructed of hardened plastic designed to withstand mounting activity forces.

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