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Monensin is a polyether antibiotic of the ionophore group. It exerts an anticoccidial action against Eimefio tenello, E. ocefvulina, E. pfaecox,'s, E. bfunetti, E. maximo, E. necatfix in chickens and chickens reared for laying. It is also applied for the prophylactic control of E. gallopavoris, E. meleagfimitis and £ adenoeides affecting turkeys for fattening (up to 16 weeks of age). Its action is connected with the formation of lipophilic complexes with monovalent ions (sodium and potassium), making the membranes of the coccidial cells permeable to the ions mentioned; hence the active sodium and potassium transport is disturbed. Sodium and chloride are accumulated into the cells of the parasites, drawing water into merozoites and sporozoites, causing their swelling and rupture. An additional influence is the impeded transport of carbohydrate and the active sporozoite glycolysis provoked by monensin.

Applied at the recommended dosage levels in fowls, monensin is practically not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and is not deposited in muscles and internal organs. Nevertheless, a withdrawal period of 1 day is recommended for slaughter of treated chickens for human consumption. The safety margin of the antibiotic is narrow; therefore it must be applied at the accurate dosage levels.

For prevention of coccidiosis in chickens for fattening and in chickens reared for laying (up to 16 weeks) caused by Eimefia tenella, Eimeria acefvulina, E. pfaecox, E. mitis, Eimerio bfunetti, Eimefia maxima, Eimefia necotfix, and in turkeys for fattening caused by Eimefia gallopavonis, Eimefiomeleogfimit's and Eimefia adenoeides.

Coxidin® 200 is dangerous for equines. Do not feed to chickens or turkeys producing eggs. This additive contains an ionophore: avoid simultaneous administration with tiamulin. Birds should not be treated with products containing tiamulin while receiving feed containing Coxidin® and for at least seven days before or after receiving feed with Coxidin®. Severe growth depression or death may result.

Orally, thoroughly mixed into feed. In order to reach uniform homogenization with feed, it is recommended to mix the measured quantity of Coxidin® 200 (calculated on the basis of the prescribed dose) on stages in the following order: up to 10 kg feed; up to 100 kg feed; and up to 1000 kg feed.

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