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Model CP 200 P - Automatic Prismatic-Shaped Bale-Rollerholder Trailer


Trailer with an innovative fully automatic electric-hydraulic system, suitable for harvesting in the field and unloading prismatic-shaped bales without stopping with the possibility of operating manual devices for stacking the bales.


  • Storage capacity: 24 bales 900 x1200 (32 straw bales 700/800x1200) x 2200;
  • Collection speed: stacks 3 or 4 bales in succession;
  • Practicality: managed via a PLC with synchronised sensors for the various controls;
  • Sturdiness: thorough research of materials and experienced gathered in the sector;
  • Essentials: machine designed for easy use and adjustments;
  • Safety: the operator only has to “Drive the tractor”.


  • Loading bed length 10 metres;
  • Loading bed width 2.45 metres;
  • Max. loading bed height 4/4.20 metres;
  • Full load weight 20.000 Kg;
  • Loadless weight 9.000 Kg;
  • Track 2 metres;
  • 2 steering axles + 1 fixed;
  • Tridem mechanical suspension;
  • 6 wheels 435/50-R19.5;
  • Power takeoff 45 kW;
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic braking;
  • Solenoid valve controls with electric or radio controlled pushbutton panel;
  • Hydraulic pick-up for automatic side loading;
  • Hydraulic rear panel with unloading system for 6 or 8 bales at a time (optional);
  • Loading/unloading operations managed by a PLC;
  • Steering axle locking with manual hydraulic control.

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