Model CP-BD-130 and CP-BD-150 - Potato Digger with Belt



Potato digger with rear unloading that can be mounted on tractors equipped with three point linkage and powertakeoff (PTO). The machine is built in the working dimensions of cm 60 for single row, cm 130 and 150 for two rows. The main points that allow a good operation on any planes or hills are: digging plowshare made up of more interchangeable blades and 2 lateral grass-cutting discs.  Protection and clogging kit made up of a transversal moving comb (A), locateci between the plowshare and the conveyor band that eases the earth introduction on the band, and of 2 mobile cleaners (B) that prevent the weed-cutting discs and the conveyor band from clogging.  Conveyor band made up of steel rods and supported by rubber rollers with bearings.  Rear vibrating sieve that allows a better separation of potatoes from the earth (opt.).

The potato digger CPP-BD2N-140/165 is designed for picking up potatoes, carrots, garlic, leeks, etc. The standard version is with share blade in whole width, with adjustable angle (A), two grass-cutting discs (one for each side), 2 sieving webs (B), one web shaker with adjustable intensity (C), two rear wheels adjustable singularly and two adjustable Tefl on windrow grates for a perfect windrow. The machine can be linked up to a tractor by the three-point linkage. The digging depth is regulated by the third upper point, by adjustable share angle and by the rear wheels. A rear soil compacting roller with large diameter (opt.) prepares the bed for the windrow. A second sieving web increases considerably the sieving capacity of the potato digger. The potato digger with two sieving belts can be delivered with a sieving-channel width of 1,40 m, 1,65 m. With version at 1,40 m width it is possible to dig 2 rows with an adjustable distance from 0,75 to 0,80 m., while with a width of 1,65 m. you can dig rows from 0,85 to 0,90 m. Standard sieving webs have a pitch of 36 mm.

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