CP Sentinel Aqua-Line Rectifier


The CP Sentinel Aqua-Line Rectifier is one of the CP Sentinel Series of Automatic controlled Rectifiers Manufactured by the IRT Company. Where precise and accurate control is needed the CP Sentinel Series of Automatic Rectifiers should be your product of choice. Control is maintained by IRT’s revolutionary SENTRY controller board (depending on the required application).

The common application for CP Sentinel Aqua-Line Rectifier is in the Waterworks Industry where “IR Free” Potential Control is the common control mode.

  • The CP Sentinel Aqua-Line Rectifier is normally available in Nema 4X FRP UV stabilized enclosures (optional cabinet construction is available: SS, Aluminum, Powder coated steel) -115 VAC Single phase power input.
  • A “Touch -Safe” hinged instrument panel separates the operator from the “live” rectifier components within the cabinet.
  • The Aqua-Line Rectifier automatically adjusts the rectifier output to maintain the Reference Cell to Structure Potential at the preset level determined. The Sentry controller removes the IR drop error from the potential measurement by interrupting the cathodic protection current supplied by the rectifier momentarily. this action produces an instantaneous voltage drop, which is considered the external IR Drop. The potential from the Reference Cell to Structure is measured immediately after this instantaneous drop, and is considered to be the “IR Drop Free” Potential of the structure.
  • The rectifier maintains continuous potential control accuracy to within +/- 5 mV of the established set point
  • Digital LED Metering for Volts, Amps and Potential measurements
  • Superior Potential Mode control is achieved by minimizing noise on the lead wires used for the REFERENCE Electrode and STRUCTURE sensing.
  • The CP Sentinel “IR Free” Potential Control rectifier recognizes and reacts to the degrading or failure of the Reference electrode. The 'Loss-of-Reference” shut down feature ensures that the rectifier will not increase to full output to compensate for the fault condition of the reference to control properly.
  • The ‘Loss-of-Reference” shut down feature prevents possible coating failure as the result of excessive polarization on well coated structures. Ie tank walls
  • The Aqua-Line Rectifier has the ability of manual mode operation at the flip of a switch; allowing for manual adjustment of 25 steps of transformer exclusive of the controller circuit.

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