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Model CP814ML - Electronic Weigher



Electronic weigher for ripe and delicate fruit (apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, kiwi fruits, tomatoes,…)Double rear vibrating platform complete with a covering of brushes, for the homogeneous distribution of products to the 14 vibrating channels; 14 independent vibrating channels feeding, with transport on soft brushes; precontainers for the fast feeding of weighing stations;

  • OUTPUT: up to 40 packages/min.
  • INSTALLED POWER: 10 Kw – 50 Hz – 400 V
  • AIR CONSUMPTION: 100 NI/min - 6 bar

14 weighing stations with mobile soft belt conveyors in the two directions for transferof products on the two discharge belts;

Discharge belts for the transfer of fruit, covered with soft material in for gentle handling and high production;

Electronic cabinet controlled by microprocessor; user interface with Touch-screen for the setting-up of working parameters (weight, tolerance, etc.), with icons representing the several operative functions of machine.

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