Model CPP-M - Potato Digger for Two Wheeled Tractor



Semi-towed potato digger mod. CPP-T with r e a r unloading that can be mounted  on  small  tractors with  three  point  linkage  and  power takeoff (PTO). Semi-towed  potato  digger  mod.  CPP-M with rear unloading that can be mounted on various models of engine drive cultivators with power takeoff (PTO). The machine  is made  up  of  a  vibrating digging plowshare with adjustable digging depth that conveys the potatoes and the earth onto a vibrating sieve grid that  separates  the  potatoes  from  the earth, thus depositing them on a  single cut row. On  all  the  points  exposed  to  vibrations there are anti-vibrating rubber bushes that allow the machine stability while working. Its reduced dimensions make it possible to use the device on small ground plots, both planes and hills, and make it suitable for digging new potatoes.

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