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Model CPT - Adjustable Film Layer



The Cosmeco film layer for small tunnels represents a great help in the context of protected agricultures and in particular in the techniques of forcing and semi forcing cultivations, namely all those applications that – as well as protecting the small plants from low temperatures – bring forward of a few weeks the harvest. Our film layer consists of a simple frame, adjustable both in height and width. It’s equipped with a descending wheels series which lead downwards and stretch the sheet until the final part of the machine, where this is earthed up and fixed on the ground by two milling rotors set on both sides.  The result is a low tunnel semi-cylindrical in shape and with maximum height 55 cm, supported by small plastic or iron arches which are inserted into the ground by an operator previously to the passage of the machine.

The material used for covering ranges from PVC to PE, but also EVA or TNT Agrotextile; this last one is extremely light, made for the most in polyester fibres, and this equipment can lay it down directly on the crop even with no supporting arches.

The effectiveness of this equipment, combined with its ease of use, ensures that the film layer is successfully used in the field of horticulture, agriculture, nursery, floriculture, fruit-growing but also flower and ornamental crop.

Adjustable film layer for low tunnels at work

Watch the video of our adjustable film layer for low tunnels at work!

Technical Aspects:
  • Transmission with cardan shafts and oil-immersed gears
  • 2nd category three-point hitch
  • Minimum centre-to-centre distance: 230 cm
  • Maximum tunnel height 55 cm (depending on the height that the tractor allows)
  • Reel width 220 cm max.
Main Strenghts:
  • The mechanical functioning doesn’t risk the overheating of the components, even in case of work with high temperatures
  • Suitable for all kind of soils
  • Also useful for mulching on flat ground
  • Possibility of creating low tunnels in different sizes with the same equipment, thanks to its adjusting system
  • Maximum output in open field
  • Reduction of working time up to one third with respect to the manual system, with consequent additional anticipation of the harvest time.
On Demand:

Cardan shaft with safety bolt – Spare film reel support – Rear simulator for TNT film laying without arches – Compact carter for milling rotor – Rear wheels hydraulic adjustment.

We also conceive and realize on demand bespoke solutions and projects: widened chassis, special lead angles, extra options not present among the standard ones, or particular equipments.

Contact us for a free consult about the most appropriate choice for your terrain, we will seek the best solutions together with you to suit the situations that arise from time to time.

  • R.P.M.


  • Hp


  • Km/h

    1,5 - 3,0

  • Kg


  • Reel width

    230 max.

  • Tunnel height

    55 max.

  • Centre-to-centre distance min.


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