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- Model KD HP 50-130 - Medium-Duty Subsoiler



Medium-duty  subsoiler for farmers who are looking for a product that is simple but versatile and professional at the same time. This implement breaks up the  soil at the required depth and causes  a homogeneous  crumbling of the layers  without disturbing the organic balance of the soil. When worked in this manner the soil becomes  spongier, which means  an excellent subsoil drainage.Not only do the two Franter rollers perform a preliminary important superfi cial tillage of the soil and level it ideally, they also make the ensuing operations shorter and easier.The double roller also contributes remarkably to effi ciently mix in the organic residues.

  • Modular frame with adjustable width
  • Shank with shear-bolt safety device
  • Shank with gradual penetration angle of the 'CrakerType'
  • Hitch to tractor Cat. 2
  • Quick-release points
  • Anti-wear protection of the shanks

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