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- Model 18-115 B&S - Mid Size Tractor Mowers

These Cramer machines from Germany are extremely well engineered and are made of galvanized anti rust steel. They have rear wheel steering so that you can get into places with the out front mounted deck just like a fork lift truck, you can get into 'cul-de-sacs' under bushed, over edges and into corners. The front mounted cutter deck can easily be turned vertically for maintenance and cleaning without using any tools and can be driven, transported and stored in this vertical position.

The machine can switch from mulching to rear discharge by the removal of a easily accessible bung.
There are NO TOOTHED timing belts on the cutter deck and the blades and spindles are extremely strong.
All electrics and safety insulator switches are CONTACT FREE magnetic type proximity switches which are completely waterproof! Great for reliability.

  • Switch from mulching to rear discharge at the flick of a lever, ideal for extra long grass conditions
  • Fully floating cutter deck with high capacity mulching chambers
  • The three blade cutter deck is wider than wheels for easy cutting over edges and upto walls
  • 115cm c46 inch cut with impact absorbing friction mounted blades
  • Hydrostatic drive and pivoting pedal forward reverse control
  • Galvanized cutter deck and chassis
  • Briggs & Stratton 502cc 17.5hp AVS low vib Intec OHV engine
  • Bearings on steering shaft and only 30% weight over steering wheels for light steering
  • Weather proof relay switches, machine tolerates wet, rain, dirt and cleaning water
  • Tilt up cutter deck to vertical position easily without tools; can travel or store in this position too!

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