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Crane Trailers


Universal trailers with a loading crane and mounted switch tipping bridge are ideal for year-round use in timber yards, builder yards or landscape building companies. It gets more and more important to work with fewer employees and a tighter budget, but to still be able to work with high efficiency. The Pfanzelt crane tipper as a year-round vehicle offers enormous reserves to augment the job performance and optimize the cost-effectiveness.

The extraordinary thing about this vehicle: The loading crane is mounted on a stable and robust base frame, that is already well-proven in the forestry sector. That way, you don’t need an additional, expensive carrier vehicle. An additional advantage of the trailer with loading crane is the possibility to use it with different tractors. The load hauled by the tractor does not diminish because of heavy superstructures. The vehicle has an official approval and homologation for road service and can be used behind any tractor, carrier or truck.

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