Tifone s.r.l.

Tifone s.r.l.

- Self Propelled Crawler Sprayer



Self propelled Crawler sprayer, 250 L, with a Spray Cannon with a range up to 28 m in open field and up to 35 m. in the Greenhouse. The Crawler Cannon Sprayer 'Crawliner'. The TIFONE Crawler Cannon Sprayer allows you to access any irregular terrain,

  • is easy to drive even in confined spaces, 
  • safe and reliable and 
  • does not require any physical effort for the operator. .. Spray range up to 30 meters!

Crawler self-propelled, it requires only one operator that drives and performs the pointing controlled spraying. All commands of the New Citizen Crawlers are operated by push-button Wireless.

The Cannon pointing, vertical and horizontal, is via a joystick.

The ease of instant remote pointing of Flexigun Cannon by Wireless, allows you to spray at the best the area to be treated and also allows the operator to remain at a safe working distance. 

The fast and easy Cannon pointing, allows most effective Pest control.

Tank Capacity: 175/200/250 litres.

Industrial Engine Lombardini - Kohler, gasoline, air-cooled, 38 Hp.

The CRAWLER CANNON Sprayer is suitable for the spraying of Tall Trees like Fruit Palms, Rows crops in Greenhouse and Nurseries.

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