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- Soft Extrusion


Soft extrusion is combination of different techniques. Pellets are produced with a forming extruder and than dried. During the extrusion raw materials are not heated above 80°C. The water stability of the pellet is formed by a combination of cooking the starch and coagulation of proteins. Fresh non-coagulated proteins can be mixed before extrusion. The low temperature processing and utilization of non-coagulated proteins favors the digestibility of proteins. The result is a soft and flexible pellet. This pellet can be hardened if wished by drying completely.


Products Which can be Produced
The customer has the choice to produce a semi-moist pellet or a dry pellet. A dry pellet can also be coated afterwards with hydrolyzed proteins to produce a semi-moist pellet. This production technique can be used for shrimp and fish species. To produce floating feeds, the pellets should be dried completely. Small pellet particle sizes of 0.6, 1.0, 1.5 and 2 mm can be produced, so no crumbling is required for starter feeds or shrimp feeds. Bigger pellets of 3 to 12 mm can also be produced.

The production line consists of the following steps:

  • Intake of raw materials – first mixing – grinding in pulverisor with classification and sieve – second mixing with addition of liquids (oil, lecithin, fresh proteins) – soft extrusion – drying/conditioning – cooling – sieving – vacuum coating (optional) – packing.
  • The exact configuration of the producion line can be adapted according to the products which will be produced and the existing machinery.

CreveTec has established a strategic cooperation with Xiamen Ying La Machinery Manufacturer Co. to manufacture suitable machinery. The following equipment can be offered:

  • Grinding: hammermill, pulverisor, classifier, cyclone, dust filter, blower
  • Mixing: single shaft and double shaft
  • Extrusion: soft extruder, single screw extruder from 200 kg/h till 6 ton/h, twinscrew extruder
  • Belt drier and cooler
  • Drum coater, vacuum coater
  • Vibrosieve
  • Flaker
  • Spheronizer
  • Elevators, screw conveyors

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