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Crippen Northland Superior is proud to present its lineup of versatile and robust wheat head threshers; models ET-16 and ET-20. An integral part of our industry-leading “in-line wheat cleaning system,” the ET Series thresher simply and effectively processes and recovers wheat from unthreshed wheat heads. When used in conjunction with Crippen Northland Superior’s wheat head destoner, a typical operation will recover in excess of 70% of wheat by weight from the wheat heads. Payback from your investment in the form of additional revenues from a newly created long position on wheat stocks commences immediately with many systems completely paying for themselves in the first year.

A unique feature of Crippen Northland Superior’s Thresher ET-16 design is its ability to perform the dual function of a debearder. By changing the drive and slowing down the RPMs of the inner drum, customers are able to debeard barley, clip and polish oats and de-awn durum. This saves in both floor space and additional equipment costs.

The ET Series threshers essentially consist of a dynamically balanced inner drum rotating within a heavy-gauge, abrasion-resistant outer casing. The inner drum and inside casing of the housing are lined with hard-surface beater bars. The space between the opposing beater bars is factory set and does not require operator intervention or adjustment. Wheat heads enter into the thresher at the inlet hopper and are conveyed and forced through the constricted space between the beater bars. The threshed wheat and chaff are discharged from the machine for further separation on existing cleaning equipment. Processing efficiency can be controlled by adjustments on the weighted discharge gate, thereby altering the flow rate of the product through the thresher.

The ET-16 thresher features a 16″ inner drum and is ideal for light to medium applications. The ET-20 thresher is designed for the most demanding of applications.

  • Dynamically balanced drums for vibration-free operation
  • (ET 20) Heavy-gauge, abrasion-resistant housing
  • Removable end plates
  • ET 20 Series features 20 rotating drum c/w replaceable hard-surface beater bars on inner drum
  • ET 16 Series features 16 rotating drum of solid one-piece construction
  • Low-maintenance poly belt drive system
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Enclosed machine design
  • Counter-weighted discharge gate

  • Motor and Horsepower Specifications
  • Aspiration Discharge Spout

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