- Model K60 AR - Tractors



The Cromo K60 AR are specialized tractors designed to be used in extremely tight spaces:row crops, vineyards, orchards, greenhousesandnursery gardensas well asall the maintenance work, in both summer and winter, typically done by local municipalities.

Thanks to the isodiametric wheels and steering with hydrostatic drive acting on the central articulation, the best qualities of the Cromo K60 AR is its agility and manoeuvrability.

The reversible driving position (optional) allows to operate practically and rationally both with towed and front attachments.

The Cromo K60 are mountinga 4-cylinder, Kubota engine with direct injection developing 48 HP.

The engine is provided with a counter-rotating mass now absolutely necessary for cantilever engine machine applications in order to avoid annoying vibrations and redundant noise inside the cabin.

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