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Crop Circle Mapping/VRT System


Holland Scientific is pleased to introduce a new method for performing in-season N application. The Holland Scientific method no longer utilizes the high N reference strip concept that older VRT technologies implement. Our method allows our crop sensors to “auto calibrate” to crop growing conditions. The result of this real-time calibration is what we call the Virtual Reference StripTM (VRS). VRS technology is not limited only to fertilizer application and can be utilized with almost any type of agrochemical that can be applied using a sensor-based response.

In the past, a producer would have to carefully select a “representative” portion of a field to establish a high N reference strip. Once the high N strip location was determined, the producer would typically apply a maximum N rate to this location at planting to insure that plants growing the reference strip would not be nutrient limited. During the growing season, the producer using a VRA sprayer would search out the high N reference strip in his field, scan the reference strip with his sensor system in order to calibrate his sensors, and then begin applying fertilizer to the field.

In principle this sounds rather straight forward however, there are many problems associated with utilizing a high N reference strip (or high N reference area) as an in-season calibration standard for on-the-go, real-time crop sensors.

These problems include (but not limited to):

  • Requires producer farming practice change
  • Difficult to locate reference strip in field
  • May require multiple reference strips per field
  • Season-to-season reference strip management hassles
  • High management overhead and additional production cost
  • Reference strip influenced by soil spatial variability
  • Limited to only nutrient application

The new VRS method developed by Holland Scientific has eliminated the extra overhead required by a producer desiring to use sensor-based VRT. No more year-to-year reference strip management hassles, no more calibration hassles and no more reference strip variability hassles. Just drive and apply.


  • Real-time agrochemical application — equation or table-based
  • Real-time sensor georeferencing
  • Supports single or multi sensor networks (1 to 8 sensors)
  • Simple one-button logging
  • User definable vehicle speed threshold for conditional datalogging/application control
  • Data storage up to 1 Gigabyte on a standard SD Flash card
  • Supports 1Hz or 5Hz GPS sensors
  • Data recorded using standard Comma-Separated-Variable (CSV) file format


  • Bogballe
  • Kverneland
  • Agro LH 5000
  • Raven Industries 400, 600 and 700 series
  • Rawson AccuRate
  • Holland Scientific VC-110

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