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Crop Harvesters



Our harvesters are an essential part of our strategy to bring our customers farm-tech prosperity, making the harvest season simpler, easier, and more profitable.  We offer a selection of crop harvesting tools to help you get the most out of your fields.  Durable and low maintenance, our crop harvesting tools will be reliable partners through many harvests.

Our self-propelled wheel harvester is affordable and efficient, dramatically increasing your grain recovery.  It can be equipped with a multi-crop harvesting kit to reap wheat, rice, maize, sunflower, soya, and pulses.

The Crawler paddy harvester is powered by a four-cylinder, 72 HP engine to cover more ground in a day.  It offers you a 2 meter cutter bar, threshing mechanism, cleaning mechanism with multi-speed fan and sieves, and generous grain tank so that you can harvest and carry up to 1,200 kg at a time.   Enjoy its easy steering, small turning radius, and wide, sturdy Bridgestone tracks.

Our tractor-mounted harvesters come in two sizes depending on your needs.  Attach them to your Mahindra tractor to surge forward in your harvesting efficiency, so that you can collect your crops faster and with less grain loss.

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