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- Rigid Crop Lifter


The DUTCH Rigid Crop Lifter is designed to fit on top of the guard on most makes and models of cutting bars. The cutting bar must be adjusted to float properly. The cutting bar should have enough weight for good floatation when in motion at the appropriate cutting speed. Too much weight on the cutting bar may cause it to be too rigid. Too little weight may cause it to cut unnecessarily high. Recommended spacing for the DUTCH crop lifter is approximately 9”.

When mounting the crop lifter the bullet shaped holder slides over the tip of the guard. This holder may require cutting at point B to fit your type of guard.

Remove the bolt on the cutting bar guard at point D. Place the crop lifter on top of the guard and insert new bolt with the proper supplied spacer(s) at point A. Note: When mounting the crop lifter on top of a guard that does not have a sickle hold down it may be necessary to add 7/16” washers (not supplied) as additional spacers.

Shim your crop lifter to match the angle of the guard so that each crop lifter barely contacts the ground at point C. You may adjust the level of contact based on the aggressiveness you desire. When conditions permit, lifters may be positioned to penetrate the soil up to 70% of the time while in motion.

Some cutting bars are equipped with a table angle adjustment. The table angle may have to be adjusted for proper crop lifter positioning.

It may be necessary to lift the reel stops slightly while using a bat reel. This is to prevent the bat from hitting the top of the lifter.

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