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Managing a intense crop production with reduced or no pesticides is now possible with the System Cameleon seeder. The task is achieved through high precision hoeing between the crop rows. A combined machine for seeding and hoeing creates conditions to suceed with reduced or none usage of pesticides. The key in the system is exact and precise placement of the seed during seeding. Afterwards a hoeing between the crop rows is performed with high accuracy. Only 35 mm on each side of the crop row is left uncultivated. In short System Cameleon stands for:

  • Revolutionary weed management
  • Pioneering seeding system
  • Precise placement of liquid/granulate fertilizer between crop rows

System Cameleon will multiply the acreage basis by replacing several machines. This means that purchase of an 8 meters wide System Cameleon, can be motivated from a economic point of view for farms/units with only 100 hectares of land. The draft requirement is in comparison low. For an 8-meter fully-featured System Cameleon, 150 horsepower is sufficient.


System Cameleon uses a seed coulter that loosens the soil. This creates good conditions for the seed to be placed in humid soil. The seed coulter is designed to be fixed in the exact same position constantly(sideways and depth). This is also a condition for the later on inter row hoeing to be performed succesfully.

The machines and seed coulters
 design provides a low draft requirement. The requirement for a 8 meters wide System Cameleon is 150 horsepower.

Precise placement of liquid/granulate fertilizer

System Cameleon takes advantage of the exact row distances in many ways. A very interesting application is the possibility to place fertilizer between the crop rows in humid soil. The depth of the placement can be decided in accordance to what type of crop that´s been planted. The maximum depth for the machine to operate in is approximately 100 millimeter. This means that the fertilizer is placed in humid soil so that the plants will get maximum benefit of the nutrition, even during dry periods. System Cameleon can also be fitted with a module for liquid fertilizer. 

Weed Management

Weed management with System Cameleon consists of a high accuracy inter-row cultivator which is camera operated, and constructed to cut precise and accurately in both height and width. The camera controls the work frame on the machine, that is constantly adjusted in order not to damage the crop rows. Most commonly used in a 250 mm crop row system is a 180 mm wide coulter, leaving only 70 mm of the row uncultivated.

Like seen in the picture above hoeing can be performed even in tall crops, approximately 700-900 mm depending on the density of the crop. Which enables hoeing in later phases of the crop development, making the time period between the last hoeing and harvest of the crop very short.

Sytem Cameleon is most commonly used in 250 mm and 500 mm crop row systems. Inspite of wider crop rows the yield levels can be maintained throughout positive effects from hoeing (adding oxygen to the soil when hoeing, increases mineralization in the soil).

Many field studies have been performed by independent institutes, proving that System Cameleons weed management is competitive. The results shows clear yield increase and lower amounts of weed. Please contact us if you have an interest in reading the results of the studies, we would be happy to provide you with more info. The pictures below can also be used to get a impression of the results when using System Cameleon.

The camera control combined with the seed unit and the inter-row cultivator module makes System Cameleon suitable for entirely new roles.
Besides line blast near the crop, and the new fertilizer possibilities can System Cameleon example: Doing a row following undersown after sowing for the binding of nitrogen and weed handling.
Weed harrowing and fertilizer soil at the same time.
Row hoeing and make undersown at the same time
Combination runs is constantly evolving. The modular system comes in handy here as it is easy to upgrade the machine to both the news as well as changing conditions on the farm

Possible fieldworks

Before the emergence of the crop:
sowing, harrowing, fertilizer incorporation

After crop emergence:
row hoeing, fertilizer incorporation,
weed harrowing, crust breaking, seeding, undersown

Economical even for smaller farms

System Cameleon replaces multiple machines, which gives great use over the year and large acreage backing for the investment.

A 100 hectares farm receives about 400 hectares into calculation basis at investment in System Cameleon. In other words, it is now possible for a farm of 100 hectares to have an 8 meter sowing machine. In the calculation it is counted on expected effect on the rounds: seed, fertilization, row hoeing 1 and row hoeing 2.

Eventual harrowing, weed harrowing, undersown or crust breaking are not included.

In this way, both small and large farms get the benefits of the opportunities created with System Cameleon.

The modular system enables the farmer that he / she only need to purchase the width and the features desired. If you later wish you can supplement with others or new functions

This provides a huge choice opportunity.

Modular system Customize the machine to your specific conditions

System Cameleon is completely modulebuilt. This means that the machine can be built to your needs while also makes it easy to convert or develop the machine.

The picture to the right shows how you can grow in the system.

The machine may be made 4.6 or 8 meters wide. It can be mounted in the front or pulled by tractor and it can be equipped with seed/fertilizer unit and/or soil tillage unit

Talk to us and we will help you to customize you machine to suit your terms and conditions. You'll be amazed at what is possible

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