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TANGENTIAL AXIAL FLOW (TAF) is unequalled for harvesting versatility - wheat, rice, maize, basmati, sunflowers, soybeans, chickpeas, mustard, mung beans, pigeon peas, etc. Uniform weight distribution and maximum pulling power thanks to the TERRA TRAC system High-quality fibre canopy for maximum operator comfort.  Discharging capacity of 30 l/sec reduces the offloading time. Integrated air compressor allows machine to be cleaned without any additional equipment


Cab + Operation

Large canopy for maximum operator comfort. Long service life thanks to high-quality fibre material.

Advanced function management.

Operator comfort and convenience are optimised by an array of instruments: fuel gauge, engine temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and many more. A visual alarm for the air filter and the battery indicator complete the line-up. Stay connected: an electronically regulated power socket for charging devices is included as standard.

Power, reliability, efficiency.

The CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC was presented at Agritechnica, the 'world's largest agricultural fair' in 2011. The new CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC builds on the successful CROP TIGER 30 series, which has made us the market leader for self-propelled combine harvesters in India. CLAAS has developed the new CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC on the basis of customer requirements, the result being a machine which is significantly more comfortable and more profitable. The new combine with its efficient BS-III engine and many new features gives customers exactly what they want.

Cutterbar for everyday use.

Performance enhanced by technology.

With a cutterbar width of 2.1 m, the CROP TIGER is ideal for small rice paddies where the turning circle of the machine is one of the most important factors. Spring type reel tines and the auger with retractable fingers optimise the crop flow towards the feeder housing after cutting and thus make for a smooth crop movement into the threshing area. A right-hand-side crop divider and crop lifter are fitted as standard.

Slip clutch – less maintenance.

To prevent the damage to cutterbar components in the event of an overload, a safety arrangement in the form of a slip clutch mechanism is provided. For different crop conditions, the reel can be adjusted horizontally to maintain a uniform crop feed into the knife section. The belt drive of the knife assembly ensures minimum vibrations and smooth operation.

Threshing and separating the full range of crops.

Every grain counts.

Equipped with the revolutionary TANGENTIAL AXIAL FLOW threshing and separation mechanism, the CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC provides excellent grain quality with minimum losses. Each grain is acted upon by centrifugal forces for two and a half revolutions. This results in excellent threshing efficiency and negligible grain breakage.p Flow / 2013

Threshing and separation.

The rotor is housed in a separating concave made of high-strength steel, which offers a large separating area. The separating concave can be adjusted to suit a variety of crop types, which in turn increases its versatility.

Double sieves for better grain cleaning.

The well thought-out sieve section boasts a cleaning area of 1.24 m². Two independently working sieves are fitted with 'frog-mouth' lip openings providing gentle treatment of each and every grain. A blower with variable speed settings is provided to blow away the chaff.

Large grain tank cover.

The increased capacity of 1500 l makes for longer operating times while the grain tank cover means that it is possible to work in all weather conditions. The grain tank is protected during the off-season and remains closed during operation. The opening window at the top makes it easy to maintain and monitor.

Fast and clean unloading.

A user-friendly unloading auger with a universal joint is suitable for discharging straight into sacks without any grain wastage. The high discharging capacity of 30 l/s makes for short offloading times and enhances efficiency.

Powerful engine for high performance.

The new 76 HP BS-III engine with high reserves of torque delivers more power at low revs. It also boasts low maintenance costs, a longer life, efficient fuel consumption and outstanding after-sales support.

CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS – a perfect team effort.

CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS) brings together the full spectrum of expertise in power generation, conversion and utilisation in order to develop optimal drive systems for in-field use.

How you benefit:
  • Powerful and efficient engine
  • Perfect power conversion
  • The TAF threshing system operates in the high-performance sector and delivers top quality
  • Reduction of emissions and noise

Air compressor.

The new, compact air compressor is integrated in the engine. A 10-litre air tank at 8 bar ensures that you always have the air and pressure you need for your work.

Battery isolator switch.

The easily accessible battery isolator switch helps extend the service life of the battery during idle time and reduces maintenance costs.

New air filter.

The high-capacity air filter of the CROP TIGER 40 not only protects the engine from dirt but also reduces fuel consumption to a minimum. This makes for a long engine life and long service intervals.

Water separator.

Filters water out of the fuel and increases engine output.

Outstanding quality.

Our factories meet the stringent CLAAS quality standards and their quality management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the design, development, manufacturing, supply and after-sales support of combine harvesters, balers and rice transplanters.

Furthermore, every combine is backed by the best service in the industry: CLAAS Service is designed to meet the specific requirements of the harvest and of farmers.

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